Your own e-commerce website for free

It is perfectly possible to set up an e-commerce website for free, I know because I have done it. It had lots of traffic and made sales. I am no code guru and have no computer or web design qualifications. So if I can do it SO CAN YOU!

I have written my experiences of each free shopping cart so you can use them as tutorials. They are actually more than tutorials really as you can follow them as step by step guides. Try one try them all.

A piece of advice, the only problems I had with free web hosting were that the domain name that came with the free hosting was rubbish and as soon as we started to generate lots of traffic the free hosting company stuck adverts on our site, not ideal.

A much better idea costs just £35.88 a year. You have complete control over your name, you won’t have adverts strapped on to your site and you get business like email addresses. Less than £40.00 per year its got to be worth it. Don’t worry I am not trying to sell you anything it’s just advice from experience. If you look at the links page you will find links to the companies I have had good experiences with.

So just have a go it need not take weeks of your time, perhaps two or three evenings or a weekend and you can have your very own e-commerce website.